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Calc-you-later! TV’s Hottest Accountant Is…

January 16, 2012
Everyone’s favorite Human Disaster.

This morning I watched my boyfriend get all dolled up for his first day of work at an accounting firm. Seeing Benjy so adorable in a suit and tie, I couldn’t help but be reminded of my other favorite accountant: Adam Scott in Parks and Recreation.

I can never think of him as Ben Wyatt. I don’t even think of him as Henry Pollard from Party Down or stat-rapist teacher from Veronica Mars. He just is Adam Scott. And I love him.

I was so excited during last week’s episode of Parks and Rec when a depressed, but in denial Adam Scott did R.E.M. claymation in a Letters to Cleo shirt (though, afterwards I felt an undeniable urge to watch 10 Things I Hate About You — but who’s complaining?).

After doing some intense investigating (maybe 10 minutes of Googling) I learned that out of all my crushes, Adam Scott has the lamest bio. He’s just a totally normal dude who happens to be friends with really awesome people. Pretty much, he has my dream life. Except in my dream I’m a totally awesome dude who happens to be friends with really awesome people.

But really, Adam’s been in some great stuff (Eastbound & Down, Piranha 3D) and some stuff that’s lame, but not lame enough to mock mercilessly (Monster-in-Law, Hellraiser: Bloodline).

Also, yes. I included Piranha 3D under “great stuff.” It was awesome and I will defend it until my death.

The one interesting thing I learned about good ol’ A.S. is that he played Griff, the second bully leader in Boy Meets World.

Only in the 90s would this be considered a "tough guy."

After learning this life-changing news, I got completely hooked into watching this mash-up of Griff’s best moments on BMW. If you have 10 minutes of your life to waste, I suggest checking it out.

But really, there’s not a lot to say about Adam Scott except he kind of looks like a rodent. He’s really funny. Completely adorable. A total nerd. And he loves calzones.

And while part of me is terrified that come May, I’ll turn into an Adam Scott as Ben Wyatt-esque unemployed crazy person taking care of my roommates’ handicapped dog, I doubt I’ll ever be this far gone:

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