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My Life (as Seen Through ‘Arrested Development’ Gifs)

April 24, 2012

Let’s talk about gifs, shall we? I love them. In fact, I love them so much two of my roommates just sat me down and told me that I had a problem and it needed to stop. In their defense, I had been trolling the Arrested Development tag on Tumblr for about an hour by that point. I countered their argument by saying I wasn’t just aimlessly procrastinating —neigh, I was researching! (If you can call looking for gifs to post on your personal blog instead of finishing your thesis research. Which you totally can, right?)

Basically, help a sister out and read this post so I feel as though I’ve achieved something tonight beyond getting my ass kicked at Scramble with Friends and thinking about how much nicer my room is clean (which it’s currently not).

The Many Gifs of Sadie

When I come home and discover all of my roommates are out:

When people watch TV shows out of order:

When I see myself in the morning after passing out with my makeup on:

When I ask my roommates if they want to hear what I did the night before:

When I tell them anyways:

When I come home after a week vacation and check my Hulu queue:

 When I’m drunk at a party:


Five seconds later:

When a bro I just met asks for my phone number:

When people ask me something about world politics:

When I’m fighting with my roommate and he makes a valid point:

When my crush’s girlfriend walks in the room: 

 When I realize it’s too early for a pizza delivery place to be open:

When I kick ass at Halloween costumes:

I know, I know. That last one isn’t a gif, but C’MON! (Said in typical Gob voice, obviously).

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