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Andrew Garfield Loves Eating Out

May 10, 2012

Warning: For those of you who saw the headline and were hoping for something raunchy, I apologize. For those of you wanting pictures of Andrew Garfield consuming lots of food, then today’s your day, because that’s exactly what you’re gonna get!

I just feel like every time I see a picture of Andrew, he’s eating something. The picture to the left is an obvious exception. It’s just awesome.

But really, every time Andrew Garfield eats something, the pictures go viral. I don’t get it, yet I love it.

So here he is, in all his gluttonous glory:

The man just can’t resist food.

Andrew eats a sandwich (?)

Andrew and Emma Stone munching on some Murray’s
“….that’s my boyfriend.” — Emma Stone 

Why this happened, I’ll never understand. I blame it all on Damon Lindelof‘s
Fancy Feast Twitter rant. 

“Hmmm… how to eat the ice cream cone and not look like an idiot…”

“Does this work? Do you think this is how Peter Parker would do it?”

“Nope. That sucked. I’m just going for it. Memes be damned.”

“You got a problem with this buddy? Well, I don’t, so fuck off.”

So that’s what Andrew Garfield looks like when he eats. Why we care? I don’t know.

But now that those images are seared onto your brain for all eternity, how about we make Andrew Garfield drinking the next big thing? Who’s in?!

“Hi…I’m Chuck Bass.”

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