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The 5 Best Music Videos Featuring Naked Dudes

June 24, 2012

I know you guys have been going crazy all month without my musings on beards and boyfriends, but I got this ridiculous thing called a job which takes up most of my time. Also, I got cable and — let’s be honest — that is a huge factor in my break from blogging. But, thanks to my new magic picture box, you can expect some great posts coming up about my new obsession Chicagolicious as well as all the classics (Wife SwapReal Housewives, more Wife Swap).

Until then, here are five great (and naked) music videos to watch while you sit around waiting for my next post:

Burhan G feat. Nik & Jay — Tættere På Himlen

I don’t know who these men are or what language they’re speaking, but they are delicious. Yes please.

Valley Lodge — All of My Loving

Definitely the most creative use of male nudity I’ve ever seen in a music video. Though, I don’t know how much I want to eat off that table.

D’Angelo — Untitled

The ultimate naked man music video. It really doesn’t even need an explanation.

Sigur Rós — Gobbledigook

Though the people in the video partake in a lot of activities I would never want to do nude, it’s a pretty awesome video (there’s even some nice glitter action!). And just try to ignore the pretty naked women. They only distract from the awkward naked dudes.

Blink 182 — What’s My Age Again

Yet another classic. And while I love this video to death, it makes me feel like such a granny since I’m not even 23 and I’ve never went streaking with my friends down busy streets.

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