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My Life in Gifs: I Should Have Been on Bad Girls Club

June 26, 2012

My obsession with gifs is well-documented. Surprisingly, my obsession with Bad Girls Club is not. My current roommate and I have grand plans to one day apply together for the show and run the house.

Until then, Tracy Jordan  might live every day like it’s Shark Week, but I live every day like I’m on Bad Girls Club. (Semi-censored) evidence below:

When people ask why I drink so often:

When a guy tells me he believes in abstinence until marriage:

The first time a guy sees how many pizza rolls I can eat:

To which I respond:

When everyone I know wifed up this spring except me:

Every time I’d have a guy spend the night after the boys stayed up playing CoD3:

Whenever I see Caroline Manzo on TV:

When a fling starts talking about his feelings:

When I show up to the bars looking to meet guys:

When I remember what I did the next morning:

When Seamless tells me all the pizza places are closed:

The first time I fight with a new boyfriend:

When my friends ask how I always have so many dates:

What I told the boys when I moved in:

When I officially become a terrible person:

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