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12 Weirder Things This Week Than Jacob Imprinting on Bella’s Baby

November 16, 2012

 You guys, it’s finally here: Twilight release day! I’ve been tittering away to anyone who will listen about my mixed emotions now that Breaking Dawn Part 2 is out (excited to watch and mock, sad there aren’t more sequels).

But during these conversations everyone keeps getting hung up on the same thing. “Wait a minute, Sadie,” they interrupt. “Jacob imprints on the baby?!”

C’mon, guys. Old news. But for the record, yes. Jacob imprints on Renesmee and it’s not that weird. Get over it.

To prove my point here are 12 other things that happened this week weirder than Jacob imprinting on the baby:

Damian Lewis showed off his sweet moves:

This cat went skydiving:

Anne Hathaway wore this:

This toaster was outed as Satan:

We learned Aziz Ansari used to hang out with the cast of The Hills:

Xtina took her crazy shit to a whole other level:

Cee Lo helped:

Oliver Queen emoted:

Whatever this is happened:

This, too:

Liz Lemon sent out a wedding announcement before getting engaged:

We learned Adele and Mrs. Doubtfire were the same person:

So you there you have it, guys. I hope that put things into perspective.


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